Faithful 32x – August 2023 Releases

Today we're excited to finally release Faithful 32x for the Trails & Tales update. After months in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait – and we've been busy! Alongside full support for 1.20 (including the latest snapshots!), this pack release also brings a huge slew of changes and quality improvements to existing textures. Sniffers*, camels, cobblestone, GUI – this release's got it all. Many of the changes concern textures that have been in Faithful for an extensively long time and that have become artistically outdated since their first addition. Getting these redone helps the pack maintain a high level of art style consistency and texture quality. We hope you're going to like this update and that you have fun playing the game with Faithful!

*Multiple sniffers have been harmed during the making of this update


August 2023 Pre-releases

Bedrock Edition

August 2023 Releases

Java 1.20.2

Java 1.20.1

Java 1.19.4

Java 1.19.3

Java 1.19.2

Java 1.18.2

Java 1.17.1

Java 1.16.5

Java 1.15.2

Java 1.14.4

Java 1.13.2

Java 1.12.2

Java 1.11.2

Java 1.10.2

Java 1.9.4

Java 1.8.9

Java 1.7.10

Java 1.6.4

Java 1.4.6 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)

Java Beta 1.7.3 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)




  • Bamboo Planks (DMgaming, Pomi108)
  • Bamboo Block Side (DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)
  • Bamboo Block Top (Pythagoras_314, Aerod, Pomi108)
  • Stripped Bamboo Block Side (DMgaming)
  • Stripped Bamboo Block Top (Pythagoras_314, Aerod, Pomi108)
  • Bamboo Fence Gate (Pomi108, Evorp)
  • Bamboo Mosaic (Fred figglehorn)
  • Bamboo Trapdoor (Nyodex, Klonoa, HARYA_, Juknum)
  • Bamboo Sign (Nyodex)
  • Bamboo Door (Nyodex, jogurciQ, Aerod)
  • Pink Petals (Aerod, DMgaming)
  • Cherry Leaves (Aerod)
  • Cherry Sapling (Aerod)
  • Cherry Log (Aerod, HARYA_)
  • Stripped Cherry Log (HARYA_)
  • Cherry Planks (Juknum)
  • Cherry Trapdoor (Aerod, EachKhaiho)
  • Cherry Door (Klonoa, DMgaming)
  • Chiselled Bookshelf (jogurciQ, EachKhaiho)
  • Pitcher Crop (EachKhaiho)
  • Torchflower (DMgaming, Aerod)
  • Torchflower Crop (Aerod)
  • Calibrated Sculk Sensor (Aerod, EachKhaiho)
  • Bamboo Fence Particle (DMgaming)
  • Hanging Signs:
    • Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle, Oak, Spruce, Crimson and Warped (Pomi108)
    • Mangrove and Cherry (Maci, Pomi108)
    • Bamboo (Nyodex)
  • Cherry Sign (HARYA_, Pomi108)
  • Decorated Pot (Nyodex)
  • Pottery Patterns:
    • Angler and Danger (HARYA_, DMgaming, Nyodex)
    • Archer, Arms Up, Blade, Brewer, Friend, Heart, Heartbreak, Plenty, Prize, Shelter, Skull and Snort (HARYA_, Nyodex)
    • Burn, Explorer and Sheaf (HARYA_, EachKhaiho, Nyodex)
    • Miner (HARYA_, Klonoa, Nyodex)
    • Mourner (Nyodex)
    • Howl (HARYA_, Nyodex, Aerod)
  • Suspicious Gravel (Maci)
  • Suspicious Sand (HARYA_)
  • Sniffer Egg (Pythagoras_314)
  • Slightly Cracked Sniffer Egg (Nyodex, Pythagoras_314)
  • Very Cracked Sniffer Egg (Nyodex, Pythagoras_314)


  • Bamboo Door (DMgaming, Nyodex)
  • Bamboo Raft & Chest Raft (DMgaming, Jamiscus, Nyodex, miniluv73)
  • Bamboo Sign (DMgaming)
  • All Hanging Signs (DMgaming)
  • Pitcher Pod (EachKhaiho)
  • Brush (HARYA_)
  • Cherry Boat & Chest Boat (Juknum)
  • Cherry Door (Aerod)
  • Cherry Sign (HARYA_)
  • Relic Music Disc (Jamiscus)
  • Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template (HARYA_, DMgaming)
  • Pink Petals (CatBoo, DMgaming, Aerod)
  • Sniffer Egg (Aerod)
  • Torchflower Seeds (Aerod)
  • Pottery Sherds:
    • Danger (HARYA_, DMgaming, Nyodex)
    • Miner (HARYA_, Klonoa, Nyodex)
    • Angler (HARYA_, DMgaming, Nyodex)
    • Archer, Blade, Brewer, Friend, Heart, Heartbreak, Mourner, Prize, Shelter, Skull and Snort (HARYA_, Nyodex)
    • Burn, Explorer and Sheaf (HARYA_, Nyodex, EachKhaiho)
    • Howl, Arms Up and Plenty (HARYA_, Nyodex, Aerod)
  • Boots, Chestplate, Helmet and Legging Armour Trims (HARYA_)
  • Armour Trim Smithing Templates:
    • Spire (Jamiscus, EachKhaiho)
    • Dune, Snout, Host, Raiser, Vex, Silence, Wayfinder, Rib, Tide, Ward, Eye, Shaper and Sentry (Klonoa)
    • Coast (DMgaming, Nyodex)
    • Wild (Klonoa, Jamiscus)
    • Silence (DMgaming, Klonoa, Jamiscus)


  • Sniffer (HARYA_, DMgaming, Pythagoras_314, Aerod, Jamiscus, miniluv73)
  • Bamboo Raft & Chest Raft (HARYA_, Reia)
  • Cherry Boat & Chest Boat (Juknum)
  • [Bedrock] NPC Scientist 9 (Banjoei)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 2 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 3 (Webaccount284)

Armour Trims:

  • Host, Raiser, Shaper and Wayfinder (Reia)
  • Dune (Klonoa)
  • Silence (Reia, DMgaming)
  • Spire (HARYA_, Evorp)
  • Coast, Sentry, Eye, Rib, Snout, Spire, Tide, Vex, Ward and Wild (HARYA_)


  • Cherry Petals (Klonoa)
  • Gold Heart (axialeaa)

Java GUI:

  • [1.20+] Restore Realm Backup Icon (Klonoa)
  • All Hanging Signs (Klonoa, Pomi108, Maci, Nyodex)
  • Empty Slots:
    • Amethyst Shard, Axe, Diamond, Hoe, Ingot, Lapis Lazuli, Pickaxe, Quartz, Redstone Dust, Shovel, Armour Trim Smithing Template and Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template (Banjoei)
    • Emerald (DMgaming)

Bedrock UI:

  • Flyout (DMgaming)
  • icon_overlay_bg (DMgaming)
  • Superflat World Preview (Klonoa)
  • New Profile Look (Klonoa)
  • Small New Profile Look (Klonoa)
  • Subcategory Icons:
    • Arms, Body Size, Bottoms, Eyes, Facial Hair, Feet, Legs, Mouth, Outerwear and Tops (Klonoa)
    • Back Accessory (Jamiscus)
    • Hands, Head, Hair and Face Accessory (DMgaming)
  • Side Panel Divider (DMgaming)
  • Filled Stack Progress Bar (Klonoa)
  • Stack progress Bar Backgrounds (Ace)
  • Wishlist PDP UI (Klonoa, DMgaming)
  • Unread Notifications Background (Klonoa)
  • Armours and Tools Slot Overlays (Klonoa, Banjoei)
  • Armours Slot Overlays (Klonoa)
  • Templates Slot Overlays (Klonoa, Banjoei, HARYA_, Jamiscus)
  • Dash Cooldown (Klonoa)
  • Smithing Material Slot Overlays (Klonoa, Banjoei, Nyodex, Aerod, EachKhaiho, Mr. Kirby 48)
  • Red Dot (Klonoa)
  • Updated Emote Wheel (Klonoa)
  • Classic Touch Controls Thumbnail (Klonoa)
  • Crosshair Touch Controls Thumbnail (Klonoa)
  • Default Touch Controls Thumbnail (Klonoa)
  • Blue Info Glyph (DMgaming)
  • Friend Glyph (DMgaming)
  • Multiplayer Glyph (DMgaming)
  • Sale Flag Triangles (DMgaming)
  • Number Backgrounds (DMgaming)
  • Invite Number Background (DMgaming)
  • Bell Icon (DMgaming)
  • Empty Stack Progress Bar (Klonoa)
  • Icons:
    • Marketplace, Best, Trailer, Staff Picks, Mash-up Brush and Lightyear (DMgaming)
    • Minions (Jamiscus)
    • Realms, Mash-up Hanger, Multiplayer, Mash-up World, WDW Magic Kingdom Adventure, Trending, Batman, Sonic, Nightmare Before Christmas, Summer, Winter, Fall, Jurassic and How to Train Your Dragon (Klonoa)
    • Spongebob Squarepants (careeoki)
    • Spring (Jamiscus, DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)
    • Frozen (Klonoa, DMgaming)
    • Ben 10 (Pythagoras_314, DMgaming)
    • Toy Story, Star Wars and Adventure Time (Webaccount284, DMgaming)
    • New (HARYA_)



  • Cobblestone (Evorp)
  • Mossy Cobblestone (HARYA_, Evorp)
  • End Stone (Evorp)
  • Lodestone Top (EachKhaiho)
  • All Concrete Powders (Klonoa)
  • Fletching Table Top (Evorp)
  • Horn, Brain, Fire and Bubble Coral (Nyodex)
  • Tube Coral (Nyodex, DMgaming)
  • Glow Item Frame (EachKhaiho)
  • Twisting Vines (EachKhaiho)
  • Hay Bale Top (Nyodex)
  • Bee Nest Top and Bottom (Nyodex)
  • Big Dripleaf (Aerod)
  • Dark Prismarine (Aerod)
  • Observer Top (Aerod)
  • Dripstone Block (Evorp)
  • Wheat (Aerod)
  • Allium (Aerod)
  • Stripped Jungle Log (Aerod)
  • Melon/Pumpkin Stem (Aerod)
  • Prismarine (Aerod)
  • Dandelion (Aerod, Nyodex)
  • Glow Lichen (Aerod)
  • Stone Bricks (Aerod)
  • Cracked Stone Bricks (Aerod)
  • Mossy Stone Bricks (Aerod)
  • Chiselled Stone Bricks (Aerod)
  • Netherrack (Aerod)
  • Nether Gold Ore (Aerod)
  • Nether Quartz Ore (Aerod)
  • Crimson and Warped Nylium Sides (Aerod)
  • Sunflower Back and Top (Aerod)
  • Anvil (Aerod)
  • Redstone Block (Nyodex)
  • Dark Oak Sapling (Nyodex)
  • Light Grey Glazed Terracotta (superboxer47)
  • Dried Kelp (Nyodex)
  • Crimson and Warped Nylium Tops (Nyodex)
  • Mycelium (Nyodex)


  • Flower Pot (Aerod)
  • Chorus Fruit (EachKhaiho)
  • Item Frame (EachKhaiho)
  • Glow Item Frame (EachKhaiho)
  • Glow Berries (Evorp)
  • Bucket of Axolotl (EachKhaiho)
  • Kelp (Nyodex)
  • Shulker Shell (DMgaming)
  • Clay Ball (Aerod)
  • Brewing Stand (Aerod)
  • Apple (Aerod)
  • Golden Apple (Aerod)
  • Trident (Jamiscus)
  • Flint (Nyodex)
  • Flint & Steel (Nyodex)


  • Wither Skull Projectile (Nyodex)
  • Tropical Fish A (Nyodex)
  • Zoglin (EachKhaiho)
  • Minecart (DMgaming)
  • Cow (Nyodex)
  • Mooshrooms (Nyodex)
  • Skeleton Horse (Nyodex, DMgaming)
  • Zombie Horse (HARYA_, DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 1 (DMgaming)
  • Goat (DMgaming)


  • Netherite Layer 1 (Reia)
  • Leather Horse Armour (Zeuselpro)
  • Turtle Helmet (Nyodex)

Status Effects:

  • Night Vision (EachKhaiho, Klonoa)
  • Health Boost (EachKhaiho)
  • Slowness (Aerod)
  • Blindness (DMgaming)


  • Explosion 15 (axialeaa)

Java GUI:

  • Realms Pop-up (Klonoa)
  • Realms Slot Frame (Klonoa)
  • Realms Invite Icon (Klonoa)
  • Realms Trial Icon (Klonoa)
  • Realms Traffic Light Icons (Klonoa)
  • Centred arrows and plus icons in various GUI textures (DMgaming)
  • Gamemode Switcher (DMgaming)
  • Unknown Pack (Klonoa, Evorp)
  • Magnifying glass in Recipe Book and Social Interactions GUIs (DMgaming)
  • Map Icons (Aerod)
  • Full Experience Bar (Aerod)
  • Full Horse Jump Bar (Aerod)
  • Accessibility Button (Klonoa)
  • Realms Notification Icons (Klonoa)
  • Configure Icon (Aerod)
  • All HUD Heart icons (Aerod)
  • All HUD Hunger icons (DMgaming, Klonoa)
  • HUD Bubble icon (Aerod)

Bedrock UI:

  • Disabled Toggle (Klonoa; updated to match vanilla colour changes)
  • Reduced outlines in various icon textures to 1 pixel (DMgaming)
  • Wish List (DMgaming)
  • Blue Heart (Klonoa, DMgaming)
  • Star (Klonoa)
  • Emotes (Klonoa)
  • Chat, Pause and Emote buttons (HARYA_, DMgaming; updated to match new vanilla texture)
  • Feedback (DMgaming)
  • Invite Base (DMgaming)
  • Default Tooltip Chevrons (DMgaming)
  • Copy (DMgaming)



  • [Bedrock] Achievements and potion icons being inconsistent with bottle items (Klonoa)
  • Wood breaking toast icon being inconsistent with Steve's hand (jogurciQ)
  • Log pattern positions on sign posts (HARYA_)
  • [Bedrock] Armour icon being inconsistent with existing armour items (Evorp)
  • [Bedrock] Beacon GUI pyramids being 1 pixel taller than in Java Edition
  • Unintentionally transparent pixels in Social Interactions GUI (DMgaming)
  • Highlighted and unhighlighted report buttons being inconsistent with each other (DMgaming)
  • Map in Cartography Table GUI being inconsistent with the held map texture (DMgaming)
  • Recipe Book button in the crafting GUI being inconsistent with Knowledge Book (DMgaming)
  • Wrong position of disabled XP level icons in the Enchanting Table GUI (DMgaming)
  • Scroller in Villager GUI being smaller than the box it moves within (DMgaming)
  • Vanilla bug: Result item slot in Village GUI being off-centre
  • Buttons in Social Interactions GUI being 1 pixel lower than they should be (DMgaming)
  • Wrong colours in a part of footer_separator texture (DMgaming)
  • Slightly non-vanilla colour placement in Iron Block texture (Evorp)
  • [≤1.7.10] Wrong enchanting table GUI texture being used (Pomi108)
  • Applied the same fix for Warm Frog as Mojang did (DMgaming)
  • Out-of-stock crossed arrow texture missing from the Villager GUI (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Attack action button using outdated sword texture (Jamiscus)
  • [Bedrock] Interact action button being 2 pixels higher than intended (HARYA_)
  • Lozenges on hardcore frost heart HUD icons being a pixel too low compared to other hardcore hearts (Pomi108)
  • Horse jump bar using a wrong colour palette (Aerod)
  • Realms User Icon being inconsistent with the OP Icon (DMgaming)
  • Realms Cross Icon not matching the vanilla texture in 1.19.4+ (DMgaming)
  • Unknown/Bad Ping Icon missing a drop shadow under the red cross (Pomi108)
  • Background of Realms Configure Icon being inconsistent with other button textures (Aerod)
  • Deepslate Diamond Ore using wrong shade of dark blue (Pythagoras_314)
  • Missing noise detail on the lock in various GUI textures (DMgaming)
  • [1.4.6] Painting item texture being mistakenly used for item frames (Pomi108)
  • [≤1.13.2] Health Boost status effect wrongly using the Regeneration texture (Pomi108)
  • Zombie Villager and ≤1.13 Villager legs being inconsistent with Zombie legs (DMgaming)
  • Realms OP icon using the wrong colour palette (DMgaming)
  • Accessibility button using modern highlight style even on 1.14.4 (Klonoa)
  • Removed accidental dark spot on the Camel's chin most likely caused by a mistakenly placed brush stroke (DMgaming)