Faithful 32x – March 2024 Releases

It's that time again, time for a new Faithful 32x release! This update adds more support for experimental 1.21 textures, with the wolf armor, armadillo scute, wind charge, and more. This release also gives a much-needed revamp for tons of textures, from less-seen textures like popped chorus fruit and minecart with furnace to iconic textures like the diamond and emerald. Included with all of this is also a whole bunch of new Bedrock UI and a few fixes. We hope you enjoy the update!


March 2024 Pre-releases

Bedrock Edition

March 2024 Releases

Java 1.20.4

Java 1.20.2

Java 1.20.1

Java 1.19.4

Java 1.19.3

Java 1.19.2

Java 1.18.2

Java 1.17.1

Java 1.16.5

Java 1.15.2

Java 1.14.4

Java 1.13.2

Java 1.12.2

Java 1.11.2

Java 1.10.2

Java 1.9.4

Java 1.8.9

Java 1.7.10

Java 1.6.4

Java 1.4.6 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)

Java Beta 1.7.3 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)




  • Oxidized Chiseled Copper (DMgaming)
  • Crafter Bottom (HARYA_)
  • Crafter East & West (HARYA_, Nyodex, Pythagoras_314, DMgaming, Webaccount284)
  • Crafter South & North (DMgaming, Nyodex, Webaccount284)
  • Crafter South Triggered (HARYA_, Nyodex, Pythagoras_314, DMgaming, Webaccount284, DMgaming)
  • Trial Spawner Top (DMgaming)
  • Chiseled Tuff Bricks Top (HARYA_)
  • Chiseled Tuff Top (DMgaming)
  • Chiseled Tuff Side (HARYA_, DMgaming, Aerod)


  • Armadillo Scute (Aerod, DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Wind Charge (Jamiscus)
  • Wolf Armor (HARYA_, DMgaming)


  • Wolf Armor (HARYA_)

Bedrock UI:

  • Desktop Inventory (DMgaming)
  • First Craft Desktop (DMgaming)
  • Mobile Inventory (DMgaming)
  • First Craft Mobile (DMgaming)
  • Realms Content buttons (DMgaming)
  • Game Tip Border (DMgaming)
  • X Button (DMgaming)
  • Realms Slots Edit Icon (DMgaming)
  • Realms Stories Icons (DMgaming)
  • Open Inventory Mouse (Jamiscus, DMgaming)
  • Add-On Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Hotbar Mouse (DMgaming)



  • Honeycomb Block (EachMenderKhai)
  • Horn Coral & Dead Horn Coral (HARYA_)
  • Spawner (DMgaming)
  • Obsidian (DMgaming)
  • Crying Obsidian (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Enchanting Table (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Respawn Anchor (DMgaming)
  • Cobweb (Klonoa)
  • Brain Coral Fan (DMgaming)
  • Grindstone Pivot (Evorp)
  • [Bedrock] Glowing Obsidian (Jamiscus)


  • Brown Dye (EachMenderKhai)
  • Green, Blue & Black Dye (Aerod)
  • Popped Chorus Fruit (Aerod)
  • Gold Nugget (Jamiscus)
  • Nether Wart (Evorp)
  • Trial Key (DMgaming)
  • Bowl and All Stews/Soups (DMgaming)
  • Emerald (Jamiscus, Evorp, Klonoa)
  • Diamond (DMgaming, Evorp, Aerod, Jamiscus)
  • Wheat Seeds (DMgaming)
  • Sentry Armor Trim (Jamiscus)
  • Echo Shard (DMgaming)
  • Minecart with Furnace (DMgaming)
  • [1.19.4] Sentry Armor Trim Smithing Template (Chasse0701, Jamiscus)
  • [1.19.4] Dune Armor Trim Smithing Template (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Agent Spawn Egg (DMgaming)


  • Scientist NPC 9 (DMgaming)
  • Wolf Collar (Klonoa, DMgaming)
  • Wolf Armor (HARYA_)


  • Empty Slot Emerald (Banjoei)
  • Empty Slot Diamond (DMgaming)
  • All new Menu GUI (DMgaming)
  • [1.13.2] Panorama


  • Drip Particles (careeoki)

Bedrock UI:

  • Colored World Glyph (Webaccount284)
  • CSB Sidebar Icon (DMgaming, Klonoa)
  • GUI (DMgaming)
  • Realms Portal Icons (DMgaming)
  • HUD Tip Text Background (DMgaming)
  • Sale Ribbon Icon (DMgaming)
  • Resource Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Mash-up Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Glyph World Small (DMgaming)
  • Persona Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Pack Glyphs (DMgaming)
  • Skin Textures (DMgaming)
  • Dismount Button (DMgaming)
  • Movement Buttons (DMgaming)
  • Large Button (DMgaming)
  • Agent Icon (DMgaming)
  • Cartography Table UI (DMgaming)
  • Image Tagged Corner Icons (DMgaming)
  • Icon Preview (DMgaming)
  • Mash-up Hanger (DMgaming)
  • Gamepad Thumbstick Icon (DMgaming)
  • Icon Best 3 (DMgaming, Jamiscus, Evorp, Aerod)
  • Trade Icon (DMgaming, Jamiscus, Evorp, Klonoa)
  • Color Picker (DMgaming)
  • Smithing Material Slot Overlay (DMgaming)
  • Add-Ons Banner (DMgaming, Vattic)
  • Image Tagged Corner Border (DMgaming)

Modded GUI:

  • [OptiFine] Icons (DMgaming)
  • [Fabric] Grey Fabric Icon (DMgaming)



  • Fixed a transparent pixel on observer side (Ace)
  • Fixed gust particle inconsistency (FHLX)
  • Fixed realms invite icon using the wrong texture (DMgaming)
  • Fixed outdated legacy map icons (DMgaming)
  • Fixed some crafter GUI corners not being upscaled (DMgaming)
  • Made the witch consistent with villagers (DMgaming)
  • Made the zombie's torso bottom the pants color instead of the shirt color (Webaccount284)
  • [Beta 1.7.3] Fixed outdated leather armor (DMgaming)
  • [1.12.2] Fixed outdated corners in the recipe background (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Matched Bedrock closed conduit with Java closed conduit (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Removed an unneded row of pixels in the panda icon (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed outdated sign icon (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed outdated colored creator glyph (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed outdated cookie icon (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed outdated wheat seeds icon (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Fixed outdated raw clownfish icon (DMgaming)

Known Issues:

Bedrock Edition:

  • Iron golems sometimes render with purple and black missing textures. There is currently no known desirable fix for this. If this issue happens to you, rename the file extension from .mcpack to .zip, unzip the pack and use it as a folder.