Faithful 32x – December 2023 Releases

Hello everyone, we are back with a new Faithful 32x update! In this release, we are starting support for experimental 1.21 textures with the some of the new tuff and copper blocks, the armadillo scute, and more. We have also made quite a few changes and revamps to textures both new and old, such as the updated 1.20 bat model, tweaks to the creeper and changes to the furnace. Of course, this is only scratching the surface of everything in this update! Finally, as always, we have also patched some bugs to make for a better Faithful experience for all players.
Happy Holidays and thanks for supporting Faithful!


December 2023 Pre-releases

Bedrock Edition

December 2023 Releases

Java 1.20.4

Java 1.20.2

Java 1.20.1

Java 1.19.4

Java 1.19.3

Java 1.19.2

Java 1.18.2

Java 1.17.1

Java 1.16.5

Java 1.15.2

Java 1.14.4

Java 1.13.2

Java 1.12.2

Java 1.11.2

Java 1.10.2

Java 1.9.4

Java 1.8.9

Java 1.7.10

Java 1.6.4

Java 1.4.6 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)

Java Beta 1.7.3 (requires OptiFine or MCPatcher)




  • Crafter Top (Webaccount284)
  • Polished Tuff (HARYA_)
  • Tuff Bricks (HARYA_)
  • Chiseled Tuff Bricks (DMgaming, HARYA_, Aerod)
  • Copper Grates (axialeaa, Nyodex)
  • Chiseled Copper (DMgaming, Nyodex)


  • Copper Doors (DMgaming, Jamiscus)
  • Trial Key (DMgaming)
  • Armadillo Scute (Aerod)


  • New Bat Model (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 7 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 8 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 9 (Webaccount284)
  • [Bedrock] NPC 10 (Webaccount284)


  • Crafter GUI (DMgaming)
  • Crafter Slots (Klonoa)
  • Popup Background (Klonoa)


  • Trial Spawner Detection Particles (Pythagoras_314, DMgaming)
  • Gust Particles (FHLX, Fin9er, Jamiscus)

Bedrock UI:

  • Disabled Crafter Slots (Fin9er)
  • Red Dot Animation (Klonoa)
  • PS5 Controller Buttons (Klonoa)
  • CSB Buttons (Klonoa)
  • CSB Chevron (Klonoa)
  • Box Number Grey (Fin9er)



  • Furnace (Evorp)
  • Dispenser (Evorp)
  • Dropper (Evorp)
  • Smoker Top and Bottom (Evorp)
  • Bell Bottom (Jamiscus)
  • Redstone Lamp On (Wooferscoots)
  • Observer Front, Back, Side, Top (Aerod)
  • Observer Back On (Aerod, Jamiscus)
  • Daylight Detector (Klonoa)
  • Stripped Birch Log (Aerod)
  • Iron Door (Evorp)
  • Dark Oak Door (Evorp)
  • Birch Door (DMgaming)
  • Copper Blocks (DMgaming)
  • Cyan Glazed Terracotta (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Allow (HARYA_)


  • Arrow and Firework Loaded Crossbows (DMgaming)
  • Cookie (Klonoa)
  • Cherry Door (DMgaming)
  • Warped Door (DMgaming)
  • Crimson Door (DMgaming)
  • Bamboo Door (DMgaming)
  • White Dye (Klonoa)
  • Oak, Dark Oak, Jungle and Spruce Doors (Evorp, DMgaming)
  • Iron, Bamboo and Acacia Doors (DMgaming)
  • Heart of the Sea (Klonoa)
  • Copper Ingot (Jamiscus)


  • Creeper (Evorp)
  • Closed Conduit Eye (Klonoa)
  • Shulkers (DMgaming, Evorp, Klonoa)


  • Forcefield (Aerod, Klonoa)

Status Effects:

  • Bad Omen (DMgaming, Klonoa)


  • Empty Bubbles in Brewing Stand GUI (Klonoa)
  • Hotbar Attack Indicator (Klonoa)
  • Dye Slot (Klonoa)
  • Crafter Arrows (DMgaming, Pythagoras_314)

Bedrock UI:

  • Crafting Icon (Evorp)
  • Craftable Toggle (Fin9er)
  • Item Recipe Icon (Evorp, Jamiscus, DMgaming)
  • Snapshot Realms (DMgaming)



  • Furnace GUI flame position (Klonoa)
  • One misplaced pixel on Lava (Evorp)
  • Removed unused pixels on armour stand model (Evorp)
  • Pumpkin not using correct palette (Evorp)
  • Fixed Ö being mistakenly interpreted as Ŭ and added a missing asterisk character in the font (Pomi108)
  • Witch pants and shoes being inconsistent (DMgaming)
  • [Bedrock] Incorrect dimensions of unlock icon (Fin9er)
  • [Bedrock] Incorrect dimensions of random dice icon (Banjoei)
  • [Bedrock] Clothing fixes on NPC 6 (Webaccount284)

Known Issues:

Bedrock Edition:

  • Iron golems sometimes render with purple and black missing textures. There is currently no known desirable fix for this. If this issue happens to you, rename the file extension from .mcpack to .zip, unzip the pack and use it as a folder.