Faithful 32x – Snapshot 22w46a

Thanks to our artists' tireless work, today we're releasing the first ever Faithful Snapshot pack! What is it? Well, as you might've guessed from the title of this post, it's a version of Faithful that includes textures from the latest Java Edition snapshots. From now on, we'll be releasing these whenever we think we've got enough changes to show to the world – That means updates for Snapshot packs will be more frequent than regular updates.
But in with the new stuff! The first few 1.20 snapshots are upon us, and we're proud to say that we've already got many of the new textures done! Most of the new bamboo-related blocks and items have been added, as well as the chiselled bookshelf. The camel, the latest and cutest mob in the game, is also here! Well, hop on and enjoy the update – there's more coming!


Faithful 32x - 22w46a




  • Bamboo Block:
    • Side (DMGaming, Pythagoras_314)
    • Top (Aerod, Pythagoras_314)
  • Bamboo Door (JogurciQ, Aerod)
  • Bamboo Mosaic (Fred Figglehorn)
  • Bamboo Planks (DMgaming, Pomi108)
  • Bamboo Trapdoor (Juknum)
  • Chiselled Bookshelf (JogurciQ)
  • Stripped Bamboo Block:
    • Side (DMgaming)
    • Top (Aerod, Pythagoras_314)


  • Camel (DMgaming)


  • Hanging signs (DMgaming, Classy Cappy)
  • Bamboo Door (DMgaming)
  • Bamboo Sign (DMgaming)



  • Scaffolding (DMgaming)


  • Vex (Aerod)


  • Chat Tags (Aerod)
  • Creative Inventory Tabs (Classy Cappy)