Compliance 64x Beta 2

We hope you have a good holiday! I the meantime, you have just opened one of your presents that Santa Claus has slipped for you under the tree... But what do I see? Incredible, a Compliance 64x update! (I really have to stop ...) So what's new in this update? Unfortunately it will not be as major as the previous one it brings many missing textures such as the drowned (even if we do not appreciate them), the horses are finally finished, the villagers and especially the most important block ... the dried kelp!You know the melody, the link is below bla bla bla.... I have nothing against you but I have something better to do! See you next year!!


1.18.x for Java Edition


1.18.x for Bedrock Edition






  • Oxidized Copper (Harag0n)
  • Spore Blossom (EachMenderKhai)
  • Dried Kelp (Harag0n)
  • Glow Item Frame (Harag0n)
  • Coal Block (Harag0n)
  • Raw Iron Block (Harag0n)
  • Fletching Table (Harag0n)


  • Music Disc Otherside (EachMenderKhai)


  • Drowned (Harag0n)
  • Piglin (Harag0n)
  • Villager (Harag0n)
  • Villager Stone Progression (Harag0n)
  • Villager Plain (Harag0n)
  • Villager Savanna (Harag0n)
  • Villager Snow (Harag0n)
  • White Cat (Harag0n)
  • All Black Cat (Harag0n)
  • Cat Collar (Harag0n)
  • Horse Markings Whitefield (Harag0n)
  • Horse Markings White (Harag0n)
  • Horse Markings Blackdots (Harag0n)
  • Horse Markings Whitedots (Harag0n)


  • Creebet (Harag0n)
  • Graham (Harag0n)
  • Sea (Harag0n)
  • Skeleton (Harag0n)
  • Stage (Harag0n)
  • Wanderer (Harag0n)
  • Pigscene (Harag0n)



  • Oak Leaves (Harag0n)
  • Dark Oak Leaves (Harag0n)
  • Crimson Stem Top (Harag0n)
  • Warped Stem Top (Harag0n)
  • Campfire Log (Harag0n)
  • Campfire Lit (Harag0n)
  • Soul Campfire Lit (Harag0n)
  • Comparator (DMgaming)
  • Stripped Dark Oak (Harag0n)
  • Blue Stained Glass (Harag0n)
  • Red Stained Glass (Harag0n)
  • Barrel Bottom (Harag0n)
  • Polished Diorite (Harag0n)
  • Smoker (Harag0n)
  • End Stone (Harag0n)


  • Ender Pearl (Harag0n)
  • Slime Ball (Harag0n)
  • Flint (Harag0n)
  • Flint and Steel (Harag0n)
  • Acacia Door (Harag0n)
  • Birch Door (Harag0n)
  • Crimson Door (Harag0n)
  • Dark Oak Door (Harag0n)
  • Jungle Door (Harag0n)
  • Oak Door (Harag0n)
  • Spruce Door (Harag0n)
  • Warped Door (Harag0n)
  • Rotten Flesh (Harag0n)
  • All Music Discs (Harag0n & EachMenderKhai)
  • Sweet Berries (EachMenderKhai)