Compliance 32x Beta 18

Over the past few weeks, Compliance has become a lot more active as a community and as such, we're happy to announce another beta so soon after the last one! This release includes some long awaited textures such as the wolf textures and more of the villager textures. The mountain goat is also butting in and has included itself in this beta! Our artists are striving as always to make it so that the textures in the resource pack are the most consistent and high quality that they can be so we have also changed quite a few of the plant textures to fit better with the rest of the resource pack. Any bugs with the panorama that you may have spotted in the last version on both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are now also fixed.

(NOTE: This version of the pack is compatible with both Java 1.17.1 and 1.18.1. For convenience, we are releasing the update as a single pack. That means you'll get a warning when trying to use the pack in 1.17.1, but you can safely disregard it.)


1.17.1 - 1.18.x for Java Edition

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1.18.x for Bedrock Edition

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