An Update To Our License

Faithful is a project built on transparency and community involvement. For the longest time, however, our license has required everybody to get written permission should they want to use Faithful assets for most projects. Predictably, we've been getting requests to lift this requirement since the very beginning. Well, today's a good day for those that suggested it, because we're now changing our license so that only crediting is necessary!
You read that right: If you want to use Faithful assets for anything, you now can! No need to ask anybody for permission anymore. Just make sure to credit Faithful appropriately in a visible place. Oh, and if you were denied for any reason previously, that no longer applies. (Unless you're Kraineff.)
In other news: We've also rewritten other parts of the license to be more straightforward and easier to read, as well as clarifying some cases that were in a grey area before.
Today also marks the unification of the Faithful and Classic Faithful licenses, as the two projects are going to be using the same one going forward.
Thanks for reading! We can't wait to see what you make with Faithful textures.