Compliance is Rebranding to Faithful

Greetings! We're making this announcement to discuss the future of our community, which includes Compliance and Classic Faithful. You might have noticed that several Compliance social media, such as our Discord servers and Twitter account, have been referred to as "Faithful / Compliance". This was because we wanted to casually let our user base know that we are starting to transition away from Compliance and towards the Faithful brand name. We are proud to officially announce our rebrand as we take the mantle that Vattic started in 2010.

Let us reiterate – The project that used to be called Compliance, along with all its subsidiaries, is, effective immediately, officially being renamed to Faithful, ushering in a new era for the resource pack – one of legitimate administration and community involvement, that hasn’t been seen in years.

There will not be any other changes to Compliance, aside from branding. We want to make this as clear as possible: our founding values of being a non-profit, open-source, community-driven resource pack, that allows anyone to contribute, are what makes our community and resource packs so great. We will never step away from those key values.

It’s worth mentioning that our new non-text logos are temporary and, if the community wills it so, will be replaced via public voting. We will announce more information on this over in our Discord server when the time comes.

Additionally, we will eventually be switching over to the URL soon while our current URL ( will redirect to it.

The rebrand will roll out over time. This means that, while the easiest stuff has already been completed, there still might be a few things that will use legacy branding for the time being.

What about Classic Faithful?
Classic Faithful has already rebranded from its original name "Emulated Vattic" a couple of months back, while the Classic Faithful and Compliance Staff Teams formally merged shortly thereafter. With Compliance rebranding to Faithful and the further integration of Classic Faithful into our resource pack family, we will also begin to offer Classic Faithful 32x and 64x on the website, alongside Legacy Vattic versions of Faithful and his 32x Programmer Art-based resource packs for all versions.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get the ‘Faithful’ resource pack, managed by Kraineff, off the Bedrock Marketplace as of the writing of this announcement. It was never endorsed by Vattic, the original creator of Faithful, and used textures that it had no permission to use in the first place. This means that Kraineff’s resource pack was never officially licensed for use or for commercial gain to him. If you want to learn more about this, please watch this YouTube video, and for the time being do not buy Kraineff’s resource pack on the Marketplace.

I still have questions
We completely understand, so we are willing to answer most questions that were not covered in this announcement. Just ask in the #help-and-support channel on our Discord server and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s all from us for now! Here’s to a new, fruitful era for Faithful!